Lobsang Delek

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Lobsang Delek is a young multitalented and charismatic Tibetan singer in exile with a music style of his own. He was born in Tenor Karze, one of the great regions of the Dokham Chushi Gangdruk (Four Rivers and Six Ranges) of Tibet. His biggest inspiration for music was from his parent, especially his father who is also a fantastic musician, as a child he remember his father’s love for music and the performance of him during family gatherings. Like his father, he also keep his interest into music and pursued when he is in exile. He was actively involved in music during his schooling and he has been a lead singer in many school gathers and functions , lobsang was highly adore by the students and staff for his musical skills and has been a official singer of the school He won many prizes during school and inter school music competitions Lobsang came to India in 1997 and has completed his under graduate in TCV Gopalpur School. His 1st album <> was released and distributed in 2007 while he was studying in Sarah College for Higher Tibetan Studies in India. Since then, he won a lot of appreciation and positive gestures from Tibetans both in and outside Tibet. The audience showed a great love toward all of his songs especially a love song well known as << Beloved Tenzin Dolma>> in the album. Later, with immense positive response and appreciation from audiences, he released an another Music album called <> during his final year of Sarah College for Higher Tibetan Studies and has hit the market. He won a huge love and respect from Tibetan people and has become the most admired young singer. Beside his artistic works, he also undertook a part-time job in Tibet Cultural Foundation based in New Delhi. His songs became well-liked and celebrated in all the regions of Tibet and even many prominent artists in Tibet have liked his song and even sung his songs in many gatherings in Tibet. His songs were also showed in XZTV and Sichung khampa TV and in the Capital City of Tibet time again and again, he was interviewed in many prominent media like VOA, Tibet Express, Soyala and Tibet etc. His latest released <<let’s go="" to="" tibet="">>, which is his first Music Video Album was introduced during the time of the Kalachakra teaching of His Holiness the Dalai Lama in Bodhgaya in India in 2012. The album was named to represents the spirit and inner voice of Tibetan brothers and sisters in exile. The album hit in Tibet , India, Bhutan and Nepal and loved by the Himalayan people. Particularly, << Zalhu>>, one of his love song Music Videos directed by Shiwapa Kunkhyab Palsang where in a Bhutanese top actress co-starred, became an immediate smash hit and has become a song on everyone’s lips. Thus, later he was officially invited for some Himalayan Festivals organized by Arunachal Pradesh government and has performed Tibetan songs from his album as a representative artist of Tibet with other Indian Bollywood artists. His One of the special features of the songs in <<let’s go="" to="" tibet="">>, which became the best selling CD, was that they were loved by both younger and older generations of Tibet. He has performed in countless concerts in many different states and several countries both east and west, many of his songs are also like by many foreigners in the west and even learn and danced his songs, which we can see from youtube His songs are generally based on love or romantic, patriotism and social oriented , most of his genre are of Tibetan modern pop and but he has also played genres like Kongshey, Rap, Chanting which impressed a wide range of audiences with his melody and artistic skills.