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The musical notes of the JJI Exile brothers are unlike those of any contemporary musical group, within India or abroad. The band, comprised of three brothers, takes its title from the intials of the three musicians, Jamyang, Jigme and Ingsel. Jamyang, Eldest brother, resonsible for lead vocals and bass guiter, while Jigme, middle brother, plays lead guiter and a wide range of other instruments, and Ingsel, the youngest of the group, is the bands percussionist and works with a number of traditional Tibetan instruments as well. Born and raised in exile, the brothers use their music to spread awareness of the Tibetan freedom struggle and to convey messages of peace and love on a global scale. In their own words, the brothers humbly serve to “carry the spirit of the freedom struggle from the past, re-live it in the present, and preserve it for the future”. Drawing on numerous styles of contemporary music such as rok, jazz and blues as well as on their own traditional Tibetan roots, the band’s music is an honest and hopeful expression of the immortal Tibetan spirit and a reminder of the innate human qualities of love, compassion and truth. Founded in 1998 with the help of their mother Nyima, the brothers’ only caretaker, manager, and first fan, the exile Brothers maintain that they would not have been able to succeed without loving support of their mother. All their own original compositions, the band’s music has acquired a great deal of attention and support both on a local and international level. They have had the opportunity to perform in numerous environments, including a private performance for Karmapa as well as one near His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. The unique style and message of the Exile Brothers has received media attention from such as BBC, Star News and NDTV, as well as in serveral magazines and journals in Asia and abroad.